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Confetti Canon first dance shot

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Canons to start the evening off in style with a bang for your first dance.

These are normally let off by the DJ or wedding coordinator or maybe a couple of wedding guests one each side of the room. Your photographer should hopefully get a great shot of you both while you’re doing your first dance.

These are also great for corporate events when giving out special awards and let them go off on stage when they have picked up their award. A great photo opportunity to cherish.

Our one-time handheld extra-large confetti cannons come in a range of different colours and shapes. They do need to be booked in as early as possible, as we only keep a small selection in stock. Please get in touch to find out the different colours available, I’m sure we will have something to match.

With a variety of different colours and shapes to choose from and only £30 each or 2 for £50, Please contact us for more details.