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Gobo projector heart and rings
Gobo projector MR & MRS with hearts

Gobo Projector in Bristol

Add a gobo projector to your booking today!

We have a lovely LED projector that can display different gobo’s. The choice of a BIG heart with rings in the middle of Mr & Mrs with small hearts.

How about personalising it with your names, initials or company logo the choice is endless. Please get in touch for a personalised touch and we can gladly quote you. There are different prices for designs, from standard white to multi-coloured. 

Happy couples and guests love having their picture took with the display in the background. Let’s make your event stand out. Please note not all venues will be perfect for gobo projection, but get in touch and we can advise you (if we have been there before). But in most cases we will find somewhere that is suitable to display it.

Add a projector from just £25 just click below to check availability and prices.